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Who is Mermaid Madeleine?

Originally from the UK, I moved to Perth, Western Australia with my family as a little girl because my mother who is a SCUBA diving instructor wanted to be closer to the ocean. 

At the age of 11 I had a strong desire to become a ballerina and attended full time ballet training throughout my entire middle and high school years. At 18 years of age I decided to put all my training and technique into performing except doing it UNDER WATER!

When doing under water performances or photo shoots I strive to have an ethereal quality to bring the mermaid character to life. When I'm not in the water I will interact with people in a fun, energetic and often comedic way which leaves all the little children convinced they are in the presence of a real life mermaid!

I have studied performing arts and my favourite unit was children's theatre as I am naturally a very energetic performer and I thoroughly enjoy entertaining a crowd, especially children! I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine and Freshwater Biology so I have a vast knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants... even more reason to believe I'm the real deal! I am also working towards becoming a SCUBA diving instructor.

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